About Us


The World Affairs Council has launched a major initiative for increased public awareness and membership by distributing to Philadelphia area television stations two fifteen second Public Service Announcements (which can also be run together as a 30 second commercial), which highlight the core mission of the World Affairs Council.

The first spot, titled "The Glass," includes the following script:

The glass half full — millions lifted from poverty, freed from tyranny, great leaps in science and technology.
The glass half empty — many still poor, fanaticism grows, terrible weapons spread.
We don't care what you think, only that you do.

The second spot, titled "Philly Freedom," was produced from the following script:

Once, Philadelphia taught the world about civil and thoughtful political debate. Now, when such a thing is as needed as ever, we're doing it again.
Join the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. Become part of the solution.

World Affairs Council President and CEO, Craig Snyder, said, "The Philadelphia Council is one of the nation's premier public policy forums — and has been for many decades — but there is still much to be done to get the word out about the quality and the impact of what we do. We're asking Philadelphia's TV stations, as a part of their requirement for public service broadcasting, to run the World Affairs Council's PSA's in the interest of helping us build global citizens in Philadelphia and helping us to continue to build Philadelphia as a center of national and global public policy importance.”