Mongolia with Dr. Jerry Leach

July 8 - 20

Take a step into the culture and traditions of nomadic Mongolia. Explore the capital, Ulaanbaatar, rapidly expanding as nomads set up their moveable gers on the outskirts of town.  Learn how throat-singers make their low base tone, and hear them harmonize in a beautiful and transcendent way. Head out onto the endless steppe to search for the elusive wild horse, or takhi, and admire the sweeping alpine landscapes.  Fly south to the great Gobi Desert and visit the place where the first dinosaur eggs were found and meet nomadic families living in the desert. A highlight will be a demonstration of Mongolia’s strong cultural heritage at the Naadam celebration.  Based on a minimum group size, Dr. Jerry Leach, former  Peace Corps Regional Director, professor and author, will lecture on the tour.

$7,695 per person.

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“Dr. Jerry Leach was a very planned lecturer with lots of info. He was very friendly and open to questions and discussions.” – Catherine Shavell, MA

“Dr. Jerry Leach was simply outstanding!  His lectures were pertinent, well-researched, and so helpful and interesting.” – Patricia Pippen, TX