Northern Summer

A Journey Around the World by Private Jet – 23 Days

June 28 - July 20

Follow the footsteps of great explorers who charted our planet’s vast northern expanses. Northern Summer takes you by private jet to the world’s northernmost reaches on one all-inclusive journey, including a four-night expeditionary cruise through the fjords, icebergs and glaciers of Norway’s Svalbard Islands. Explore Mongolia’s dramatic Gobi Desert, discover the intriguing mixture of cultures in Kazan and St. Petersburg, Russia, experience the magic of long summer days while discovering the vibrant Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, and soar over Greenland’s starkly beautiful icefjords and glaciers. Fly on a private Boeing 757 jet, specially configured to accommodate 50 flatbed seats, and enjoy elevated service throughout your journey. A professional staff—including a veteran expedition team, chef, physician and dedicated cabin crew—will be handling all the details, allowing you to travel worry-free. Traveling with you will be experts David Keeling and Paul North, who will offer real-time insights into what you will experience at each destination and lead thought-provoking discussions throughout the journey.

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Northern Summer by private jet

“The lecturers were all experts and well prepared.”- David Dyrud, OR

"Perfect from start to finish!" - Sharon Reiss, PA