Vienna & Prague Uncovered with Dr. Pamela Zeiser

April 28 - May 5

Join Dr. Pamela Zeiser as we “Uncover” Vienna and Prague. Begin in beautiful Vienna, alive with history and deeply engaged in political and social movements of the day. Dive into the history and arts of this regal city, as we discuss the political climate in Austria with some of its leaders.  Continue to 1,000-year-old Prague, to explore the Velvet Revolution and the city’s distinct Jewish heritage. We will examine how the events of WWII shaped the city and the changes that have taken place in the decades since. Along with Pam’s lectures, we will include two U.S. Embassy briefings, hear from local expert guides, and attend a concert or theater performance. This study tour combines the very best historical and cultural sites with wonderful briefing and lecture opportunities. 

$3,999 per person plus airfare.

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Vienna & Prague Uncovered

“I loved having free time to explore. Lectures and embassy visits were very informative. Our tour leaders were fabulous, not only their knowledge, but their concern for each of us.”- Phyllis Weber, CA

“Pamela was great. She saw that everyone’s needs were met. She talked with everyone along the way so that her lectures were relevant to the group’s interests. She also did research to get answers that weren’t readily available to her. She was a big part of making the tour better than any typical tour.” - Dick Keyser, TX